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2014-05(May)-17: New Fragrances: Leather, Magnolia

Expanding the catalog.

2013-11(Nov)-10: Now Accepting Credit Cards

The Open Source Soap Online Store is open for business!

2013-11(Nov)-04: pH, the power of Hydrogen

Acids and bases, secondary containment, neutralization, and titration

2013-10(Oct)-01: Updates, Odds & Ends

The perils of extracting tree sap; holiday sale; odds & ends.

2013-07(Jul)-24: Frankincense Tears

Preparing to extract one of my favorite scents, one of the all-time classics.

2013-05(May)-05: "Vetiver Racinettes" Soap Collaboration with Ayala Moriel

Lessons learned from a custom soap order for Ayala Moriel.

2013-31(Mar)-31: scCO2 Extractions of Szechuan Peppercorns

A perfect companion for the pounds and pounds of star anise in my garage.

2013-01(Jan)-12: Status of scCO2 extractions

Just need 220V & a tank heater to be running at full speed.

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