Frequently Asked Questions

If You Tell Me How to Make My Own Soap, Can't I Just Make My Own?

Yes, yes you could do that. It's fun to make soap, and satisfying to use homemade soap.

So Why Are You Giving Away Trade Secrets, If You Want to Sell People Soap?

Because I believe in symbiosis. Life isn't a zero-sum game; we can benefit from each other.

But . . . If I Can Make My Own Soap, Why Would I Buy Soap From You?

Most people lack the time or interest to make their own soap. But let's say you do have an interest in making your own soap. Do you know where you're going to buy various vegetable oils? How much do they cost? What about the fragrance and other additives? Are you able to buy the quantity that you need, or will you have leftovers? Even if you want to make your own soap, I can put together a kit of ingredients to save you time and money.

Do You Have a Facebook Page?

Nope. And I don't plan to. This is a barebones site, no cookies or Flash or anything fancy. I'm looking at my options for automated online purchasing, but for now you have to contact me directly. I do have a Twitter account, if you want to follow me there.

Why Don't You Have an Online Shopping Cart?

Maybe I will someday, but right now you have to contact me directly. Once I have your order, I can send you an email invoice and you can complete your purchase with Google Checkout. I also take personal checks, though that's inconvenient for most folks.
UPDATE: As of November 5th, 2013, I have an new online storefront via Shopify

What Is Supercritical Carbon Dioxide? What Does That Have To Do With Soap?

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (scCO2) is an environmentally friendly fluid that can be used to extract essences from plants. Learn more about the supercritical fluid extractions here.

How Do Different Fats Affect the Quality of a Batch of Soap

The fatty acids are responsible for a soap's properties.
The length of a fatty acid chain and the number of unsaturations (double-bonds) are the most important variables. More unsaturations make a soap softer and more moisturizing, but do not lather well or remove dirt well.
A good soap has a balance of cleansing and conditioning properties, and is hard enough to last awhile, but not so hard you can't use it.

Where Can I Buy Fragrances to Make My Own Soap

There are several sources I use routinely:
Camden-Grey is one of the most inexpensive suppliers, but don't always have exotic ingredients.
Eden Botanicals has a very wide selection, and decent prices.
White Lotus often has some of the more exotic plant essences, but they have a $100 minimum order.
The Perfumer's Apprentice is a good place to get synthetic fragrance chemicals.

Who Are You?

See the About page.

How Much For Soap?

See the Prices page for the latest information about general pricing of soaps. You can also find specific price info for cut/packaged bars of soap at the storefront, and as always, custom orders are welcome. Just inquire!

How Can I Get Some Soap?

As of November 5th, 2013, you can now buy soap online via credit card at the new online store (using Shopify). For custom orders, CO2 extractions, or anything you don't see at the storefront:

Get in touch with me: open.source.soap at gmail

I was hoping I didn't have to explain this, but a proper email is like this:

If you ever post a valid email address on a website, spambots will swoop in and innundate your inbox. I'm trying to increase the signal to noise (S/N) ratio of emails I receive, and I don't want to miss a legitimate email because it was lost in a sea of Cialis or online poker solicitations. So please add the @ and the .com when emailing me.

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10 November 2013

Contact: open.source.soap at gmail