Fragrance Recipes

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Uber Lavender

Uber Lavender is about as simple as it gets: lavender essential oil and lavender absolute.

Abeda Deluxe

Abeda Deluxe is a riff on the popular Aveda brand of personal care products.


Chillax is an earthy, strange fragrance based on an accord of lavender, nutmeg, and magnolia (white champa).


Gingersnaps is the soap version of the famous holiday spice cookie. But don't try to eat it.

*Frankincense, Ginger, Honey*

Frankincense / Ginger / Honey is the working name of a soap containing those three ingredients.

*Savage Water*

Savage Water is the working name of a mimic of the famous Eau Sauvage fragrance by Dior / Edmund Roudnitska.

*Moon Dust*

Moon Dust is the working name of a mimic of the Bois 1920 fragrance "Come La Luna"

Leather 1.0

Leather 1.0 is the pilot leather formula

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17 May 2014

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