Soap Photos

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100% Coconut Oil Soap

Note the flakey appearance. This stuff is like a hard cheddar or parmesan cheese.

100% Palm Oil Soap

Palm soap is much smoother, more velvety than coconut oil soap. But it doesn't lather as well in cold water. I like the concentric ring pattern, but I don't know if it's reproducible or was just a fluke.

Brick O' Soap

This is what the soap looks like when I remove it from the mold.

Bottom of the Brick O' Soap

X-pattern from the bottom of the mold.

Top of the Brick O' Soap

Uneven surface from the top of the brick, where the soap was exposed to air.

Bastard Edge Pieces

I usually make sample bars (1/4 of a normal bar) with the ugly edge pieces of soap.

Jenga-style Stack O' Soap

I usually cut a brick into 16 pieces. These are the 12 non-edge pieces.

Photo of Packaged Soap Samples

Thanks to my Twitter pal @iammerveilleuse for the photo (you can buy her music here).

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10 November 2013

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