2014-01(Jan)-29: Chemical Structures of Some Fragrance Molecules

All structures were created using ChemDraw. Some of the images are large, particularly the animated (rotating) gifs.

Neral and geranial are cis/trans isomers of citral.

Neral, from neroli:

Geranial, from geranium and roses:

Neral, from neroli (3-D):

Geranial, from geranium and roses (3-D):

The two types of linalool, coriandrol and licareol, are stereoisomers of each other, meaning they are mirror images. It's hard to tell them apart with chemical analysis, but the nose can easily distinguish them. Coriandrol is the variety found in coriander (naturally), while licareol is the form found in lavender, and as I recently (Jan. 2014) discovered, nerolina.



Coriandrol (space-filling):

Licareol (space-filling):

Finally, one of the stranger-looking molecules, patchoulol (from patchouli). I just learned it is used to make chemotherapeutic drug Taxol.

Patchoulol (2-D):

Patchoulol (3-D, ball-and-stick):

Patchoulol (3-D, space-filling):

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29 January 2014

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